About Us

Hi! I’m Renee.
Child of God. Wife in Love. Mother for Life.

I'm a long-time entrepreneur with a passion for creating and inspiring. I have always had a unique eye for fashion. From early on, apparel and styling interested me. Shopping traditional retail did not always provide designs my family and I could relate to. I wanted to find a way to offer and promote more meaningful graphic clothing.

With the success of my previous business in couples’ apparel, my passion for creating and designing grew to new heights. But the brand I had established was not the appropriate platform to incorporate a lot of the new ideas I had developed.  Realizing I needed to express my levels of creativity, birthed A Meaningful MESS. I wanted my designs to be pieces family and friends would be proud to wear.

My mission is to transform Meaningful MESSages into custom creations that you can wear with pride. My company specializes in casual apparel and accessories fit for the entire family. Choose from an assortment of tees, sweats, hats, mugs, and more. We also offer personalized items for special occassions. All products are made by hand using high quality materials.

You’ll always feel confident in what your wear when it comes from A Meaningful MESS!