Meet the Owner


Hi Fam!  I’m Renee.

Child of God.  Wife in Love.  Mother for Life.

If you're reading this, thank you for visiting A Meaningful Mess and supporting this black-owned business!  You're probably curious about who I am or why I create the designs that I do.  Well, first of all, welcome!  Now, a little about me...

I'm a long-time entrepreneur with a passion for creating and inspiring. From early on, apparel and styling interested me.  Shopping traditional retail did not always provide designs my family and I could relate to. Thus, my passion for creating and designing grew to new heights.  My goal as a mother to these beautiful girls is to instill love and confidence in them.  I want them to feel nothing less than proud of who they are and whose they are no matter where they are or go in life.  THEY are the inspiration behind A Meaningful Mess! 

With the blessing and support of my family, A Meaningful Mess launched late January of 2019 featuring a collection in honor of Black History Month. Since then, we have added designs that speak to our faith, culture, sense of humor and more!

Now that you've virtually met me, I'd love to virtually meet you so be sure to join our AMM Fam.  Don't forget to follow our pages on social media and say "Hi!".  If you have a question or comment about our products or just want to get in touch, feel free to send an email to